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Here we will post news and small summaries of our scientific papers, blog posts, and links to talks, slides, etc.

All data sets and PDFs of the LOWLANDS publications can be downloaded from

Best paper award EACL 2014: Learning with IAA

The LOWLANDS team presented a long paper at EACL in Gothenburg, Sweden on cost-sensitive learning with inter-annotator agreement loss, which was awarded best conference long paper.

Twitter datasets, LREC, etc.

The LOWLANDS team presented two papers on POS and NER Twitter datasets at LREC in Reykjavik, Iceland. We also have annotators working on an annotation of the Ritter et al. (2011) dataset with super-senses.

Best paper award *SEM 2014: Twitter supersenses

The LOWLANDS team revceived a best paper award at *SEM 2014 in Dublin, Ireland, for a paper on supersense tagging of Twitter, co-authored with colleagues from the Center for Language Technology.

COLING 2014 Tutorial

The LOWLANDS team presented a 3-hour tutorial on bias correction for NLP at COLING 2014 in Dublin, Ireland.
Slides as PDF (68MB)